Modern Warfare 4 Multiplayer

Modern Warfare 4 Multiplayer

Rumors about Modern Warfare 4 have been circulating that 2019’s Call of Duty (CoD) video game will be none other than MW4 by Infinite Ward. Although that hasn’t confirmed by anyone, more rumors about the game development have appeared online, including what may be the first leaks or details on Modern Warfare 4 Multiplayer Mode.

Infinity Ward’s battle in MW4 Multiplayer

However, according to the leaked information, which is published on Twitter, the Multiplayer Component of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 will be the heavy focus for the developer. Moreover, the leak also claims that Modern Warfare 4 will come with fan favorite awesome, as well as large-scale maps from the previously released Modern Warfare titles. Additionally, new maps and new weapons will be a part of the next title for the better gaming experience.

Furthermore, it supposed that both titles such as Black Ops 4 and Modern Warfare 4 would introduce specialists. If the leaked information is considered as to be believed, then ten superb customization system will be returned in Modern Warfare 4.

Will COD Modern Warfare 4 have Battle Royale Mode?

The leak information also revealed that Craig Fairbrass is going to offer his voice for the announcer in Modern Warfare 4 Multiplayer game mode, in addition to providing the voices of some playable characters in the rumored Battle Royale Mode. This notable part of the leak may prove that the information is legitimate, as Craig Fairbrass may mistakenly uncover the existence of Modern Warfare and his link with the game in this Twitter Bio in March last year. After that, Fairbrass removed by saying that it was just confusion but fended off by denying that such type of a project is under development.

Announcements about more features to be revealed soon

The diehard fans of Call of Duty took this information seriously and considered all leaks or rumors as a massive grain of salt especially those related either to Modern Warfare 4 Multiplayer, Single player, maps, perks and release date. However, the outcome of this matter is that currently, no one has any idea about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, and even they aren’t sure about it until Treyarch or Activision decide to reveal the title. When such type of leak or news takes place, it looks like that 2019’s Call of Duty will be displayed or announced to the public in May or June.

Wherever, whenever the next title of Call of Duty is revealed, whether it be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 or another game, it will be a fun and exciting to discover if there was any truth to these leaks or rumors. Modern Warfare is rumored to be under construction for undefined platforms.

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